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An Old Fence on a Bright Day

Today a deep blue Point Reyes sky was brightened by a riot of cumulus clouds. I noticed the beautiful light when I walked into town to pick up the mail. The sky was so gorgeous that I decided to take a break from some framing I had been working on in my studio. I headed out for Olema Hill, where I found my favorite ranch fence backlit by the mid-day light. The string of clouds and Inverness Ridge beyond contrasts yet compliments the jagged fenceboards and wire.

Click this image to see the larger version of this new photograph:

Fence, Ridge & Clouds, Olema Hill

Death Valley October 2013

I’m just back from a week of photography in Death Valley and the Alabama Hills. Met up with my friends, fellow photographers Hadley and Marty. I shot everything with my infrared  Panasonic G1. We spent most of our time in the Eureka Flat Dunes, where we found thousands of footsteps the first day. Later we were blessed with a pristine landscape after a day of ferocious winds swept the dunes clean. I’ll post some of my best compositions from the trip here. For those of you who’d like to see a larger group of my selected photographs, check out the Death Valley 2013 Gallery posted on my Zenfolio site.

I’m working on my annual winter holiday exhibition and I’ve decided to include several of these new Death Valley photos. The New Works 2013 Holiday Show – Radiant Light: Infrared Landscapes will be at my gallery on the main street in Point Reyes Station.

Here’s a link to the downloadable exhibition announcement: radiant-light-card

Opens Thanksgiving weekend Friday, November 29 and runs through Sunday, January 5.
*Artist Reception is Saturday, November 30th, 3-5pm.

Click any of these images to bring up the larger versions:

Mesquite Dunes 13.683

Mesquite Dunes 13.733Mesquite Dunes 13.741Mesquite Dunes 13.763

On the Way Home

I’ve recently started carrying my digital cameras with me on walks and in my car when running errands. This is a new habit for me, having come from a long career of lugging large format equipment and tripods around. In those “good old days” I only carried a camera with me when I was “on assignment.” It felt like way too much work to load and carry such heavy gear unless a large block of time was set aside, dedicated to photography.  But these days, it’s pretty simple and exhilarating to gather my very light, mirrorless Panasonic or Sony cameras and pull them out when the light is right. I’m creating more images and they more often capture the beauty in found moments.

Coming Home, Nicasio Valley Road

I shot this bend in the road in Nicasio, California a few weeks ago with my IR-converted Panasonic G1. A favorite milestone, this corner is on the main road I use to travel between Point Reyes and central Marin county.

The Wetlands in Infrared

It had been a while since I had taken my IR-converted Panasonic G1 out to explore the local scenery. So last Saturday, after closing the gallery, I loaded a freshly charged battery in the Panny and headed out for a stroll.

Only a hundred yards from my front door is the entrance to the Giacomini Wetlands, a natural area with trails and steam-side access of the Lagunitas Creek. I was there in less than a minute and began wandering in the riparian area. I slowed down to look at the dream-like light and shapes that projected on my camera’s viewing screen. I love the way that sunlit foliage turns a radiant white, while the blue of water and sky goes dark.
Wetlands Ridgeline 130622_25I left any expectation behind as I wandered along the trails. I’ve found this “no expectation” way of photographing not only therapeutic, but  also very creative as the subconscious comes into play and sometimes leads me into a naturally creative space. An area beside the trail was back-lit by the late afternoon sun. It caught my eye.

Riparian, Lagunitas Crk. 130622_34After a while, I went down to the creek and found these trees aglow against the darkening sky. This is just the kind of scene that infrared photography can render into a dreamlike vision.

Lagunitas Creek Wide_130622_32