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Inside Marty Knapp’s Photo Gallery

Jean and I spent Thanksgiving afternoon readying the gallery walls for the opening of my GLASS Photography Exhibit. Here are some photos taken after we spiffed everything up for our opening reception on Saturday, November 29th at 3PM. Hope you can make it! And, if you can’t, please enjoy this little photo tour I put together especially for you.
If you click these photos, some nice larger ones will open for your enjoyment!

Front window and entrance to Marty Knapp Photo Gallery.

Front window and entrance to Marty Knapp Photo Gallery.

Years ago, the building that houses our gallery was home to a cafe and bar. It was owned by a man named Angelo, hence the “Angie’s” logo set in tile on our landing.

Left corner of lobby

Left corner of lobby

The lobby area is where we’ll set up refreshments during our Saturday opening.

Right corner of lobby.

Right corner of lobby.

The large ball appears to be floating, but it is the magic of the light creating the effect.

Entry into main gallery room.

Entry into main gallery room.

As you enter the lobby, the main gallery is to your right. Take a peak before you enter.

Reception counter and back wall to main wall

Reception counter and back wall to main wall

When you come in, either Jean or I will be sitting behind the desk. We welcome all our visitors warmly. Please come in and enjoy the world we have created on these dark chocolate colored walls.

Front, window wall and counter. Books, folios, notecards.

Front, window wall and counter. Books, folios, notecards.

At the back is a counter laden with framed miniatures, folios of prints, books and notecards. A complete catalog sits on a bookstand in the center of the counter. To the left is a bin with hundreds of large reference prints, including many not hanging on our walls.

South corner, flare photographs

South corner, flare photographs

The shorter gallery wall and shelf feature photographs of the unusual flare-like effects created as light passes through glass objects. Some of these effects were created by light passing through quartz crystals.

Shell Beach Trail Photos

This last Monday afternoon I found my mind wandering as I worked on a catalog of my photographs. I became drowsy and decided It was time to either take a nap, or go for a walk. I remembered the trail to Shell Beach and gathered my camera gear to head out for a stroll.

Just north of the village of Inverness is a beautiful forested trail. It winds down a hill to Shell Beach, an intimate and sheltered cove favored by the natives. Sunlight filters through the dense canopy, spot-lighting fern stands and other foliage in this rain/fog forest. In May, I had photographed the beach on a couple of early mornings, re-discovering its charms after a decade’s absence. Now I’d returned for a quiet walk, this time, in the afternoon. I brought my camera along in case the forest light was enticing.  It was. Here are a few photographs I made with my IR-converted Panasonic camera as I walked up and down the trail to Shell Beach. Click on the images to access the larger versions.

Shell Beach Trail View 607

Shell Beach Trail View 605


Shell Beach Trail View 618


Trees, Shell Beach Two


Forest Canopy, Shell Beach Trail 603

Why this Inventory Sale?

From time to time I’m moved to hold a sale of my framed inventory photographs. Due to the nature of my work, I periodically outgrow the space I need to exhibit and store my photography. Currently-hung work must come off the gallery walls to make space for the new creations.  Because of this, many fine pieces must go into storage and then remain invisible to visitors of my gallery. Out of sight… out of mind. so, I’m announcing a deep-discount sale because I want these photographs to find homes, and I must clear the gallery walls to show my new works. It makes no sense for me to dilly-dally with the discount. Hence, I offer a 50% discount so we all can get something we want.

My assistant and I spent the week photographing my inventory of framed photographs, including the ones currently hanging on my gallery walls. We built a web gallery of the 40+ artworks and have put the pre-sale access here: 50% OFF SALE.  If you’re one of the lucky readers who subscribe to my email newsletter or this web blog, you now have advance access to this sale. Whatever is left will be moved down to my gallery and offered to the general public during a 4-day event holiday event: May 23-26, Memorial Day Weekend. You can come to the gallery then to see what’s left, or you can act now to secure your favorite from the online preview.

The photographs come from several exhibitions of my work over the last few years. There’s a variety of styles including classic landscapes, barn interiors, infrared and macro abstract work. Here are just a few of the 40+ photographs included in the sale:
(Click any of these to see its enlarged version)

Ebb Tide, McClures Beach  Print #3  12x20 in 20x27   AR Glass


Platform Bridge Road  Print #2  13x20 in 20x26   AR Glass   List


M-59   Wetlands Barn 1102   Print #1  14x13 in 22x22   AR Glass


M-52  Terrain 677   13x10 in 20 x 16  #1/40  List  $400 - SALE $

Wild Sky Over Point Reyes

Jean and I were surprised to hear a knock on our front door last Friday, Valentine’s Day. I had just gotten back from the gallery and was putting away my laptop in my studio at the front of the house. As I walked back to see who our visitor was, I heard a familiar voice, “Well, just tell Marty about this. He should take a look.” It was Tom, our next-door neighbor. When he saw me he repeated what he told Jean. “There’s an incredible sky, never seen anything quite like it. You should take a look, maybe photograph it.”

I thanked him for the tip and abruptly went back to grab my infrared camera. In seconds I was out the door and heading out to find an unobstructed view of the sky. It was a half hour before sunset and the display above me was remarkable. I walked across the street to the Wetlands, and for about 10 minutes pointed my lens up. Tom was right. There’s no way to describe this with words. Here’s a few of the photographs. More photos of this wild sky are posted in my Zenfolio catalog: Skyscapes

wetlands Sky 14.25

wetlands Sky 14.39 Wetlands Sky 14.41 Wetlands Sky 14.24

Death Valley October 2013

I’m just back from a week of photography in Death Valley and the Alabama Hills. Met up with my friends, fellow photographers Hadley and Marty. I shot everything with my infrared  Panasonic G1. We spent most of our time in the Eureka Flat Dunes, where we found thousands of footsteps the first day. Later we were blessed with a pristine landscape after a day of ferocious winds swept the dunes clean. I’ll post some of my best compositions from the trip here. For those of you who’d like to see a larger group of my selected photographs, check out the Death Valley 2013 Gallery posted on my Zenfolio site.

I’m working on my annual winter holiday exhibition and I’ve decided to include several of these new Death Valley photos. The New Works 2013 Holiday Show – Radiant Light: Infrared Landscapes will be at my gallery on the main street in Point Reyes Station.

Here’s a link to the downloadable exhibition announcement: radiant-light-card

Opens Thanksgiving weekend Friday, November 29 and runs through Sunday, January 5.
*Artist Reception is Saturday, November 30th, 3-5pm.

Click any of these images to bring up the larger versions:

Mesquite Dunes 13.683

Mesquite Dunes 13.733Mesquite Dunes 13.741Mesquite Dunes 13.763

The Wetlands in Infrared

It had been a while since I had taken my IR-converted Panasonic G1 out to explore the local scenery. So last Saturday, after closing the gallery, I loaded a freshly charged battery in the Panny and headed out for a stroll.

Only a hundred yards from my front door is the entrance to the Giacomini Wetlands, a natural area with trails and steam-side access of the Lagunitas Creek. I was there in less than a minute and began wandering in the riparian area. I slowed down to look at the dream-like light and shapes that projected on my camera’s viewing screen. I love the way that sunlit foliage turns a radiant white, while the blue of water and sky goes dark.
Wetlands Ridgeline 130622_25I left any expectation behind as I wandered along the trails. I’ve found this “no expectation” way of photographing not only therapeutic, but  also very creative as the subconscious comes into play and sometimes leads me into a naturally creative space. An area beside the trail was back-lit by the late afternoon sun. It caught my eye.

Riparian, Lagunitas Crk. 130622_34After a while, I went down to the creek and found these trees aglow against the darkening sky. This is just the kind of scene that infrared photography can render into a dreamlike vision.

Lagunitas Creek Wide_130622_32