Glorious Morning Light

Giacomini Wetlands Trail, Morning Light

Click for large version

This is the entrance to the Giacomini Wetlands. My dog, Lily, and I walk there in the morning. Sometimes the light is so amazing, we stop and stare before entering the trail.

6 thoughts on “Glorious Morning Light

  1. Hadley Johnson


    I like the light, and the fog on the ridge. For me, the fog gives it an interesting mood. Is this shot in infrared?

    I’m proceeding down the path of converting a camera to IR. It has been a somewhat involved story which I can tell you about when next we meet. I have not decided whether to use Precision Camera or LifePixel for the conversion. Precision Camera is less expensive ($199 vs. $275 for LifePixel), but they want me to send in a lens while LifePixel does not. Precision Camera says they need the lens to set the focus, but that it is at odds with what LifePixel tells me. I know you used Precision Camera for the conversion. Any concerns with their work? Was price the reason you did not go with LifePixel?



    1. Marty Knapp Post author

      I’ll write to you offline about this. Sometime today. Hold off until we talk.
      Yes… the photo is in infrared digital with my Panasonic G1

    1. Marty Knapp

      Terry, Nothing on the calendar as of this time, but if I announce anything I’ll keep you in mind. Best to watch my newsletters for this sort of thing. I may make an announcement after the New Year. Not a lot of advance notice, I know, but that seems to be as advanced as I get these days. By the way, send me a couple of your favorite shots from recent Ireland trip when you have a chance. Cheers, Marty


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