On the Way Home

I’ve recently started carrying my digital cameras with me on walks and in my car when running errands. This is a new habit for me, having come from a long career of lugging large format equipment and tripods around. In those “good old days” I only carried a camera with me when I was “on assignment.” It felt like way too much work to load and carry such heavy gear unless a large block of time was set aside, dedicated to photography.  But these days, it’s pretty simple and exhilarating to gather my very light, mirrorless Panasonic or Sony cameras and pull them out when the light is right. I’m creating more images and they more often capture the beauty in found moments.

Coming Home, Nicasio Valley Road

I shot this bend in the road in Nicasio, California a few weeks ago with my IR-converted Panasonic G1. A favorite milestone, this corner is on the main road I use to travel between Point Reyes and central Marin county.

6 thoughts on “On the Way Home

  1. Michael

    Good shot. I pass that spot often and never thought of taking a photo! Did you convert your camera yourself or send it away? Anyway you caught the stillness of the place.

    1. Marty Knapp Post author

      Thanks, Michael. I sent the camera to Precision Camera in Connecticut. I liked my Panasonic G1 so much, I decided to buy an extra body to devote totally to Infrared and sent that body out. That way I could move my small arsenal of lenses between my original stock Panny and the new IR version. Lots of fun and I love the look of the IR. Yes that place on the road has a good feeling for me when I’m coming home.

      1. Marty Knapp Post author

        Hmmmm…… That would be interesting. I’ll give it some thought and will put it out via my newsletter if I decide to organize one.

  2. terryscussel

    Hi Marty – another infrared masterpiece. I am back from Ireland and Scotland – very photogenic and of course the Irish Fold music makes it all come together. As a follow-up communication on Infrared – I would like to arrange a few hours of private training unless you are planning on putting together a small class. Best to you my friend – Terry.

    1. Marty Knapp

      Terry, Thanks for checking this out and your compliment. I haven’t thought of doing a small class on IR, but would welcome a private session, targeted to some of the things you’d like to learn about using IR. I assume you already have a converted camera? The best, though not mandatory, is that we’d have clouds to work with, or at least clear skies and some water/reflections to play with. Let’s talk. I may have some extra time between now and end of October when all my attention goes to preparing for an exhibit of new work at my gallery, opening Thanksgiving weeekend.

      Cheers, Marty

      Sent from my Dick Tracy 2-Way Wrist Radio

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